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Improving Access to Excellent Healthcare

What is IHOTU? IHOTU is a word which means Love in the Idoma language. Love and compassion forms the basic ethos which guides the day to day running of our facility. It also reflects in the way we interact with our patients; making them feel welcome and secure. Our staff our friendly and cheerful, putting the patient’s welfare first in all our engagements. Little wonder our clients always rate us high in efficient service delivery.

Ihotu Telemedicine Clinic is a newly established private healthcare facility in Abuja, Nigeria. The hospital seeks to provide affordable healthcare across board without compromising on the high standards of the medical care that we offer.

Fast Care: At Ihotu, we understand that saving time is important for our patients. Hence we minimize the time you have to wait to consult a doctor, to obtain your results in our laboratory, or to purchase your drug prescriptions.

Affordable Care: We believe that quality healthcare is not complete, unless it is made available at a cost that is reasonably accessible to all.


Telemedicine: In this internet age, many aspects of human endeavours are being made easier and faster and healthcare is not left behind. Telemedicine is an innovation which seeks to bridge the gap in accessing the appropriate level of healthcare. With the aid of the internet and appropriate softwares, a patient can interact with a medical doctor who is several miles away who then makes appropriate contributions to the treatment of the patient.

We are putting this technology into use to benefit our patients in a number of ways;

With our Clinic facility at Karu being the centre point, we are developing spoke centers in surrounding (rural) communities where it would be otherwise difficult to consult with a medical doctor. With highly skilled health workers as your guide, you can consult with a doctor through our telemedicine facility at any of these spoke centres Click here to identify Ihotu Telemedicine Spoke Centres near you.

Our telemedicine technology is made available through a series of ongoing and upcoming collaborations with government agencies and international Non-Governmental Organizations (iNGOs) such as Doctors Charity. Click here to find out how your organization can collaborate with us.

Quite a number of our present clients used to travel out of Nigeria for their medical check-ups and follow up visits. However nowadays, everytime they schedule an appointment with their doctors, all they do is walk into our telemedicine suite. With the aid of our medical teleconferencing software, and hardwares such as the digital stethoscope, digital auroscope and so on, you can consult with your own doctors wherever they are, and have them examine you in our telemedicine suite. This way, you save yourself the money, time, and inconvenience of having to travel for your follow up visits without making any compromises to your health.

Conversely, we work with a team of American Board Certified Physicians and Sub-Specialists in the United States of America with whom we can arrange a consultation session at your request. The premises of our clinic boasts of an aesthetically pleasing environment. Our Wards are beautiful, comfortable and spacious because we understand that a pleasant environment contributes to faster recuperation and ensures complete wellbeing.