Health Care

Access fast, affordable healthcare in our walk-in clinic and 24 hour laboratory and pharmacy.

Test Results

Zero waiting time to see a doctor and/or to obtain your test results

Medical Consultation

Option of real-time medical consultations with specialists from the USA

Medical Staff

Compassionate and friendly medical staff in a warm and relaxed environment.

What is IHOTU? IHOTU is a word which means Love in the Idoma language. Love and compassion forms the basic ethos which guides the day to day running of our facility. It also reflects in the way we interact with our patients; making them feel welcome and secure. Our staff our friendly and cheerful, putting the patient’s welfare first in all our engagements. Little wonder our clients always rate us high in efficient service delivery.

Improving Access to Excellent Healthcare

Ihotu Telemedicine Clinic is a newly established private healthcare facility in Abuja, Nigeria. The hospital seeks to provide affordable healthcare across board without compromising on the high standards of the medical care that we offer.

Fast Care: At Ihotu, we understand that saving time is important for our patients. Hence we minimize the time you have to wait to consult a doctor, to obtain your results in our laboratory, or to purchase your drug prescriptions.

Affordable Care: We believe that quality healthcare is not complete, unless it is made available at a cost that is reasonably accessible to all.

Our Green Clinic Initiative

One of our initiatives at IHOTU is deploying renewable energy to run our facility and our satellite centers in Nigeria.

Since Nigeria has abundant sunshine on most days of the year, the use of solar photovoltaic systems is top on our resource list. This off-grid solution is specifically useful in rural communities that are not connected to the national grid because of the infrastructural deficit in the power sector. This portends numerous benefits.

Visit our Clinic

No 17 Hospital Road (Close to Chief Palace Hotel), Karu, Abuja, Nigeria.

Our Partners

Doctors Charity is a US based international NGO with head office in New York. They are a group of medical practitioners working in the US who are mostly of African descent and are seeking to contribute to the development of healthcare service delivery in Africa

Do you have a question?

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